RAB Consult (Reem Al Bawadi Business Solutions And Technologies LLC) Is A Renowned GCC-Based Firm With An Enduring Legacy Of Strategic HR Consulting Services, Technological Innovation, And Transformational Impact.

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HR Consulting

Your Workforce Management, Simplified

Your human resources department requires more than just policies to be effective; it demands a deep understanding of your company’s unique dynamics. That’s where our HR consultants in the Middle East come in, to help you craft solutions that align with your company goals and culture

Our Solutions

Craft Effective Policies And Procedures

Policies and procedures form the backbone of a healthy work environment while ensuring organizational values alignment. Our approach to HR practices improvement goes beyond mere rules. Through our HR policy development services, we closely collaborate with you to foster a culture of clarity and consistency.


From code of conduct to conflict resolution, our HR policy development services are tailored to reflect your organization’s values. We help you ensure that every employee understands their rights and responsibilities, leading to a more cohesive and compliant workforce.

Defining Roles With Precision

Job descriptions are not just lists of tasks and responsibilities. They’re blueprints for success. Our approach to job description development ensures that roles are defined thoughtfully and with a vision for the future.


By capturing not only responsibilities but also the skills, competencies, and qualifications required, our job description development services enable organizations to attract the right talent and empower employees to excel within their roles.

Optimize Employee Performance

Success hinges on clear alignment between individual and organizational goals. Our Key Responsibility Areas (KRA) Development services ensure that each team member’s objectives are aligned with the broader mission.


By establishing measurable key responsibility areas, we create a framework for productivity, accountability, and achievement, laying the foundation for a results-driven culture across your organization.

Ensure Equitable Remuneration

Our compensation and benefits consulting services help you attract, retain, and motivate top talent. By benchmarking against industry standards, we ensure that your organization offers competitive compensation packages that not only reward performance but also drive employee engagement and loyalty.

Foster Accountability And Growth

Performance is never static but a continuous journey of growth. Our Performance Management Systems are designed to facilitate this journey through regular feedback, transparent appraisals, and targeted development plans.


Let us help you create an environment where employees feel empowered to improve, succeed, and contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success.

Looking For An HR Consultant In The Middle East?

We’re here to provide guidance that ensures your talent acquisition and employee engagement strategies keep pace with HR industry trends and technological advancements.