RAB Consult (Reem Al Bawadi Business Solutions And Technologies LLC) Is A Renowned GCC-Based Firm With An Enduring Legacy Of Strategic HR Consulting Services, Technological Innovation, And Transformational Impact.

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Recruitment Selection

Connect With Top-Tier Talent To Fulfil Key Leadership Positions.

Leaders are more than their titles; they’re visionaries who shape cultures, steer strategies, and drive growth. Let us help you find capable executives with the right skillset to drive your company to success with our executive staffing services.

What Can We Do For You?

Our specialty lies in helping businesses and enterprises at all stages of growth identify candidates that best align with your strategic objectives and company culture. With our  Applicant tracking system (ATS) powered recruitment and selection hiring solutions, you will find candidates that don’t just fit positions, but also have a history of leadership excellence.


With a proven track record of identifying and placing exceptional leaders, we bring industry insights, advanced interviewing techniques, a vast network, and a meticulous approach to our executive staffing services. From formulating recruitment strategies and candidate sourcing to job posting optimization and more, our talent acquisition services are all-inclusive.

Bridge The Gap Between Strategy And Execution

Our mid-level executive search services help you find mid-level executives that possess the agility to adapt, the acumen to innovate, and the ability to lead your teams towards your goals. We delve deep into their competencies and potential, ensuring that every mid-level leader we present is poised to drive meaningful change.

Partner With Capable Architects Of Vision

Our c-suite executive recruitment services for senior roles are about identifying leaders who have the expertise to craft a solid blueprint for your organization’s future. We assess their track record, strategic thinking, and ability to navigate challenges to ensure they can lead with foresight and create lasting impact.

If you're seeking opportunities in the Middle East, please send your CV to jana@rabconsult.com